Root and All

But if I could understand what you are—root and all—I should know God and man.

Artichoke, Nobelle

I made this artichoke with organic jujube’s (dried red dates) in the water as well as some bay leaf. Heavenly.

MosQuitoNo Mosquito Summer Hack


mosquitno bracelets $3.99 CVS Pharmacy

120 Hours is a long time! It’s not possible to burn a mosquito candle indoors without causing massive headaches on the entire floor of the apartment complex (lol) so this bracelet is a FANTASTIC and EFFECTIVE option to not be bothered ANYMORE by mosquitos as long as you have this bracelet on OR near.

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That Distant, Enchanted Waltz

Not yet time for another great romance to waltz into my heart because the mirrors in the halls of the ballroom still sparkle with somewhat passionate fizzle the distant tangos I had once thought everlasting. It’s midnight now when they come back to enchant me again until I wake up feeling so loved and fulfilled.