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Natasha Bassett IS BRITNEY!

I just finished watching Britney Ever After and I have a very sincere feeling that this Lifetime Movie portrayal is as brutally honest and plays like a collection of public interviews I can recall exactly. Actually, the film inserts reenactments of her 2008 docu-series. Interesting!

There are some moments I had to find references for because the movie does not use any of Britney’s music. However, they do replicate the time signatures for the singles through other songs in public domain. For those of us forgetting the moments the movie is referencing, I am building this article to break through any artistic-choice misunderstandings that could leave a few hardcore Britney fanatics with a sour taste for Natasha.

We need to understand first that Britney’s accent really does sound that deep. No more questions or stipulations about that aspect. Natasha does a perfect emulation.

Justin Timberlake really did once look like that (I mean, the hair) and it was a point of public shame for him after he realized it was totally not trending anymore to have bleached curls.

For the moments I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening I could understand from reading the wardrobe replications that are translating the moments in her history.

The first performance is easy enough to understand with N*sync.

About the /straight-buggin/ and /bomb-digity/

Child celebrities are often shameless in expressing their cuteness. They also don’t give a fuck and can say whatever they want! These expressions accurately depict this time in pop history. It sounds lame now, but we once spoke like this back in time.


Let’s jump to the moment where Britney has the surprise birthday party. Lance Bass is the guy with the sports jersey. I know he has black hair, but believe it or not that guy is portraying Lance Bass–check his face and the way he is signing–that’s totally Lance. Joey is the guy on JT’s other side (which is confirmed in the tour bus group celebration scene), Chris is next to him and on the complete other bookend is JC Chasez. Think early N*sync and you’ll recognize the remixed depictions of the characters in the group.

When Britney is hooking up with Justin in her “private” area on her tour bus we are gifted with some original Britney style music called, LIGHT MY FIRE.

Flash to an interview in 2008 where Britney is telling us that the events leading up to 2007 were “smashed up” and /blurred/ which is showing us her childlike innocence and sincerity.

When we hear I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION it’s reflective of the actual 2000 VMA performance where she epically remixed the classic rock song with OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. The Lifetime Movie recording of the song shows us the highlights of Britney’s alternate voice characters she has mentioned before in interviews as her sexy baby voice.

I really don’t remember Britney and Justin’s sex-tape so I’m assuming that Lifetime took some liberties there. If it did happen, then that was something that was stopped before hitting the headlines. It would have CRUSHED fans at that time. We hadn’t been conditioned to expect sex tapes at this time.

Later, we are given a scene where Justin is playing mind games with Britney and I’m guessing that it’s totally accurate to what happened IRL.

Forcing emotives after a fight with Justin to conform to appearing like everything is fine

Justin is confusing the truth

This is definitely the beginning of her descent into the depths of her troubles but for now, it’s a key point for us to see their relationship under pressure. Justin is depicted as being controlling and acting like he owns Britney and she is really trying to hang in there and roll with the punches.

I’m noticing now that there wasn’t any coverage or mention of CROSSROADS. I guess it wasn’t an important part of her story, after all!

Importantly, there is a sexy DANCE OFF at a club where Justin is with Jenna Dewan. It’s likely that something like this did happen and we can see that they need to express their emotions outwardly and in a public setting. Justin, dressed in his iconic CRY ME A RIVER jacket, actually leaves while Britney is totally winning the DANCE OFF and she is abandoned.

Britney winning the DANCE OFF

Jumping to the 2003 VMA LIKE A VIRGIN performance, we see Christina Aguilera and Madonna!

Christina, Madonna and Britney

Then we finally arrive to the sexy KFED scenes intermixed with I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL montage! Yay!

KFED with a bottle of lube before blowing Britney some shotguns of whatever sh!t he smokes

My favorite scene in the entire film is when Britney says YES to marry KFED! SO ADORABLE!!!

Later, KFED abandons Britney and their two children for some fun with Britney’s credit cards.

A truly shocking moment in the film is where we are reminded of Britney’s photo-shoot disaster. In the film she rubs baby-back rib sauce on her $10,000 dress but in reality it was actually fried chicken grease. I can remember something from back in those days also about Britney’s menstrual blood staining something and other hygienic oops but I would like to forget that tbh.

An appropriated version of Paris Hilton helps to destroy Britney as she flashes back to the umbrella/paparazzi meltdown which parallels reality.

Shouldn’t have trusted Paris Hilton

The remainder of the film is very excellent and I wasn’t confused about any part after the OK! Magazine disaster. It was a clever choice in production to show Britney wiping rib-sauce all over her gown. At the time, we were privy to this information but it was so unbelievable that many of us refused to imagine this scenario.

Do you have any questions about the film or any of the costume or music choices?