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Edit 1 of :Image:Soyuz_TMA-7_spacecraft2.jpg by thegreenj Türkçe: Soyuz programı kapsamında 1 Ekim 2005’te fırlatılan ve 8 Nisan 2006’da görevini tamamlayan Soyuz TMA-7. Curves adjusted, noise reduction, unsharp making, downsampling performed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I started using last.fm this month and I finally truly love and admire the service. I love last.fm! I can communicate with my favorite #nextbigjam #hostcelebrities!

With last.fm I was zapped into a new space-ship on-course to a distant universe. #nokidding

I discovered so many amazing albums I would have intuitively discovered perhaps years from now since our current days face multi-releases from kpop celebrities. Especially boA!!!!

I love BoA!!!!! Apparently, we are born in the same year, yet she is still older than I am, but I also believe she is ageless, and that’s what I want to be too! BoA!! Your Eighth Album is something really amazing.

Check manlikeman123 at last.fm and see how many times I have played your album!!!


Last.fm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)