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ireadCULTURE Kickstarter

Welcome, Backers and friends! I am launching a Kickstarter. The project will be live by Monday. This post should serve as an informative prelude. If you would like to annonymously or famously donate separately from Kickstarter, click through to paypal here.

Watch my brief hype bomb to see a representation of my campaign before it is published here.

Originally, I picked up a copy of CULTURE at my favorite pharmacy, Kelly’s of Pico and Robertson 在 Los Angeles. Find ireadculture.com and also watch me demonstrate the content of CULTURE.

MANLIKEMAN123 has the insight to tap into the imagination of CULTURE readers via physical CMYK print with intent to inspire brand advocates. I would like to publish full ads spreading the taste of my visual catalog to find and create MANLIKEMAN123 brand advocates to be a part of the canvassing street-team.

With intent to publish, MANLIKEMAN123 investigated the 2015 media kit to understand more about their adspace processing and guidelines. With the use of #crowdfunding the quoted price of a double-truck ad that will be published across our nation with 1,000,000+ CULTURE engaged audience.

Have you seen the picture MANLIKEMAN123 has been circulating through social media, the DARKNESS FRIENDS #dogtag? This is a pre-order item promoting MANLIKEMAN123 and the iTunes and Spotify worldwide DARKENSS FRIENDS album release on 4/20 2015.