Root and All

But if I could understand what you are—root and all—I should know God and man.

Worldwide Referral of Director/Writer/Producer Gregg Golding of Collage Fossil Films

Director/Producer/Writer/Powerhouse Gregg Golding of Collage Fossil Films couldn’t have been that baby, found too perfectly unscathed in the thickets such as the story of Moses. He couldn’t have been formulated in those lawless-cults of private islands of The Gates’ Foundation as one of the endless stem-cell conveyor-belt-test-tube assembly-lines of DNA farming. . . surely too, not at all borne as one of those slick, bald, dripping with life-goo, screaming, purple-faced infants ripped into consciousness from one of those at-home turkey-baster DiY zygote-to-infant kits where life magic is flicked and fondled by the witchy-fingered homoeopath mid-wives. . .


More likely Golding’s story originated swimming down through the planet’s crust—Hell’s magma, streaming through infinite loops of bright torture, incredibly, unfairly interrupted and agonized by demons with pitch-forks and empty stomachs around each level of hell’s topography.


However, this is the time of miracles, too. Imagine the soul of Golding suddenly zooming through tight, clenching, brightly-hot canals, exploding–pressurized through the mouth of that bellowing blast–the scream of his life-giver; the mega-volcano, Vesuvius! Just as likely, the atmosphere-shattering Grimsvotn of Iceland or Sakurajima of Japan if not sent from the collections lazily assimilated by an astral body’s sparkling flare from the darkness above our (tele)scope, outside of our simple tools of observation. Couldn’t his origin-plasma and cell-formation swirled and micro-formed through the magic within the belts of planets nearby within the milky-way?


Unscathed and courageous, he surfaced on Earth as Director, Writer, Producer and proven leader Gregg Golding as he instantly began healing the world using his sweat, tears, and blood-signed scripts as the tools of his leadership through Indie Cinema with titles such as 2014’s COSPLAY FETISH BATTLE DRONES and 2017’s 001 TROLLING (available on Amazon Prime 24/7)


Through his years and heroic suffering, walking as a man in a disappearing land of Eden; no longer an oasis from heaven–when we gather to watch Golding’s visions, It’s our chance to devour the nourishment of his cinema mastery which gushing-gold fruits of his nourished canon of films that only persist and multiply for Golding’s ability to pave a way forward when opportunity and ease-of-life evaporate into a lecture, unheeded–no more than a movie-school’s myth bodied mostly now by soulless sock-monkeys paying tuition.


Yet, jealous others must still be there in the underworld writhing in the deep space below the steps we stand now–beware their unheard bloodlust for every landmark success Golding holds, his brothers–the caged and eternally damned Titans cry selfishly from his awesome success and of their dying-hope of devising failure for Gregg Golding–for he is a man crowned honorably! Golding is beyond the times of looming disasters and is our unstoppable hero sent to us to change the world by giving everyone the view of his universes that we can safely nestle our hopes and dreams for this uncapped world of Golding, assuredly with comfort. We are wide-eyed absorbing Golding’s fantastic lands, cinematically as we can follow hand-in-hand, dimensionally traversing experiences beyond our polluted, desolate, Earthen torment.




Look in the Mirror

Somedays we look in the mirror and we see ourselves together. . .

Do you know that feeling?

An EX resurfaces from the aches of the past to ask for money

My day started out with this international SMS text: “Can I get my money back? I’m super poor now! — KEDISON!!

It was nearly midnight for him there in Shenzhen and in the late morning, stateside.

I took a few hours to remember the moment he abandoned me in Hong Kong as my Chinese VISA had some issue with expiring just an hour previous to the entering the queue for re-entry.

I was completely alone there and the officers really made me leave the port of travel. I waited for hours for a taxi and I was finally dropped off at a place I could stay for a few hours of the night.

I didn’t see Kedison for weeks after that. I had wondered why he did that; to leave a boyfriend stranded in Hong Kong.

My answer to his text today was,”I tried to send but u blocked me everywhere, remember?”

I transferred 95 dollars to his Alipay account.

No, I don’t actually owe him anything. I just wanted to give him something since he seemed to be in such desperation to have to text me about it.

He yelled at me some more and then blocked me again.

This is the life that I should tell you more about.

Brainstream Live on YouNow

This is more of a pat on the back if anything. I just wanted acknowledge the request to publish an article as soon as possible. xo

Now where to begin. . .

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Get Inspired! Become a Creative!

Inspiration comes easily, but not when we expect it. We can spend long periods of time in a dull 
phase and then suddenly, we reach a wave of inspiration. The key is to not ignore this wave, but 
to ride it. Right down your ideas! If you are on the go, write it in your notes on your phone–even 
candy bar phones have a note function. If your ideas are slipping through your fingers as you 
write, then use a voice recorder. My sister says that by practicing writing ideas–just as writing 
dreams–that we will hold on to our ideas more easily.  
This essay is from 2014 when I was really first exploring the way to express my POV to anyone in a dull part of their life seeking a way to jump into their creative world.
Writing ideas 
     I have many tools to write with, and many places to put ideas. What if I were away from my 
one idea book? I have been there before, and I have accidentally let go of ideas because I was 
trusting my memory with keeping inspired ideas. This is a fault; when an idea strikes, write it 
     I carry a bag with me with a notebook. I have voice recording and note taking apps. My writer 
is accessible anywhere on any smart device/computer. I always have pens handy–not just one, 
but several.  
     Cultivate ideas. By writing my ideas when they strike, I have been able to record over fifty 
songs in three months. This is the strength of writing ideas. 
So how do I motivate myself to cultivate inspiration?  
     Wait for it . . . 
          Waiting for inspiration is easy–there is nothing to do, and we can also call this 
procrastination if we want to be negative or we can call it collecting experiences if we want to be 
optimistic. Waiting occurs in the dull phase and sometimes, we simply have to spend time 
collecting experiences to receive ideas. 
               Two points:  
                    1. Are you actually doing anything? 
                    2. Are you organized enough to be writing ideas when they strike?  
    Physical Exercise 
          Sometimes we feel as if there is a haze over us. When I feel this haze, I often find myself in 
a blue mood. To snap myself out of this and get work done, I do physical exercise. Keeping a 
routine of exercise is best. When you think about exercise, do it! When I think about doing 
push-ups and how great that would be for my body, I actually get down and do them! Not doing 
them accomplishes nothing, and my friend Jenna once said, “Don’t complain about something 
when you could be doing something about it!”. That is one of wisest comments I have heard, and 
that was about ten years ago!  
     Go Through Old Boxes 
          When I am in a dull phase, I can find an old box and trifle through to renew inspiration. I see 
the colors, hold the objects, and remember.  
          I used to have this journal that I kept when I was five years old, roughly. I was able to read it 
until I turned eleven. It was so interesting to be able to decipher baby writing and remember the 
ideas I had. I also memorized songs at a certain point in my childhood not by reading the lyrics, 
but by hearing them. In my late teens, I replayed the songs I had memorized and was amazed at 
the words I thought were right, were actually totally different from the actual lyrics. I could not 
comprehend Madonna’s Ray of Light album or Paula Cole’s Fire album, so I used a method of 
sound replacement to be able to sing along. Sounds can activate ideas. 
     Talk with Suzanne 
          This is not the forth method, this is certainly as strong as the other methods preceding. 
When I talk with Suzanne, and listen to her, I receive waves of inspiration, and I often write down 
notes as we are speaking. She even lives in a different city! Don’t make excuses for not talking 
with super close friends because they are not in the same town! Important relationships will be 
          There is a need to write as well as type. When I am in that dull phase, I need to journal 
what I am sensing in my mind. What is on my mind that is blocking me? To flush it out, let’s write it 
down and keep it there on the pages.