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PSvita Welcome Park Extension lil buddy generator

If you have a #psvita you have access to the #welcomepark. Have you been there before? People from all over the world still go there, and you can too. If you have any @playstation gaming systems, you can go to the welcome park and make new friends. It’s the most pleasant experience ever! If you need to do something theraputic to calm your nerves or help you clear your mind to help you focus on a major goal or project then go to the welcome park.

One of the key features is an #extension which allows you to create an instant buddy out of smileys around and in your world. For example, if you look at the front or back of a @volkswagenbeetle you can see a #smiley. Sometimes you can notice that a purse’s straps and buttons/zipper looks like it’s smiling at you. Cute, huh?. You decide! Watch what I created–even though it’s not perfect.