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The House Made of China in China: 瓷房子

There’s a house in China made of china! I am including some photos from various sources you can find by yourself by searching “瓷房子”

It’s amazing! I would love to go there (near Beijing) and touch everything!

Base of Operations: Home Routine Matainence Methods

Your house is a machine–so is your apartment–it is necessary to run it as such.

Waking up naturally on-time or early is an essential first step. If you need an approach to waking up on time, you may request that from me. I will make it available as a .pdf and ebook for kindle. Nook users can send a customer service email.

[email protected]

When you wake up and after your glass of water and before your breakfast, go to check the dryer and then the washing machine. If your immediately see clothes in the dryer, put them out for folding and transfer any wet-spun clothes to the dryer. Add a hypoallergenic dryer sheet and do not exceed one sheet.

Quickly map out your day in your brain and gauge if you need to run the washing machine first or take a shower first.

This is the first step in the daily of a working house as a machine. Time the end of the dryer to happen after your morning shower so you can either grab a hot towel to use to dry your face or start folding after your shower without allowing the clothes to sit and wrinkle.

When the washer is running, you may make breakfast, take your vitamins and whatever.

Turn on the television. @Roku is a great way to control all of your TV watching apps, especially @HuluPlus.

I don’t use cable television mainly because of the frequency and quality of commercials. However, watching cable television commercials without muting is a good idea if you want to quickly be made aware of what the general population views.

This is time to put on a show you are #bingewatching or new uploads of Good Mythical Morning and Good Mythical More.

You may take your coffee now and sit down to allow yourself to settle into the day. Hot lemon water is super great to improve your stomach. If you can drink hot lemon tea you will have a wonderful day most likely according to your GI system.