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Flashcards for Successful Motivation: Media Production

Efficiency with media publishing and content creation is the most important area of production for all of us! Adding a sense of order will boost your confidence and will allow your employer to be less stressed-out.

Flashcards for success

Download these free flash-cards, cut them out and paste them on your drawing board at the office and start letting your projects in development live in the categories.

Believe me, it helps to actually take your ideas from cyberspace into reality!

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Self-doubt is a demon

doubtSelf-doubt is a demon strangling all of us given the chance to feed on our life’s energy. When the time of self-realization is finally striking the bells of a change to begin again the war on the self-doubt demon has already started. Let’s seal this force away before he wins again.

I can provide additional clarity.

If ideas (any and all) are being dismissed by the negative voices in your imagination, then you might be crazy. Do you like being out of control and helpless? What source of internal strength is better to perceive than a sword of light to cut through the self-doubt demon?

If it’s not yet time to achieve this level of energy, then here is a method to consider. Understand why levels of discomfort are affected by external forces. Perhaps it’s the chains of expectations that have weighed down whatever dreams that have become cloudy at this time. It’s different for everyone the social or familial (relating to family) story that repeatedly plays in the mind when it’s time to eliminate self-doubt.

Something that worked in my situation was hypnotherapy, sensory-deprivation tank “floating” for as long as possible, LISTENING to podcasts of shows that I like, letting go of the power of influence of people with intentions to hold me down, self-talk in the mirror (you are strong, you are beautiful, you can do this), lighting candles and watching as many documentaries about struggling with substance abuse such as the show Intervention from A&E. It’s not necessary to do any of these things because they may not work for everyone. I’m simply laying out some ideas that can rev-up your engines to start churning out on a piece of paper what could and will work for you.

Stop calculating the reasons why anything or sometimes why everything won’t work. I don’t care how difficult this process will be for you because I know you can do this. Stop it. Change it. Reverse it.

Control your energy and manage it into a significant force of self-improvement. Some people say, “Rise Above.”

Hospital Commune

It all started as a pimple or a mosquito bite on my arm. As my skin started dissolving from a bacterial infection, cellulitis, something was going wrong.

On the third day I walked down the street to the Urgent Care, but because I was not a card-holding member . . . later a shepherd noticed me to the ER.

48 hours later

I returned to the ER check-in counter with my hesitations but my name bracelet was printed after a totally dissociative round of questions that had been answered last time, as I eloquated in my head.

Damn, I’m never going to tell you about the Hospital Commune.

I’ll lend an ear generously. I admire people when they communicate with me even as strangers, some stories about their lives past and present. He said, “Dave! That’s right isn’t it, Dave?”

He was just like a friend and without making an awkward disbelieving smirk, I told him how great it was to meet him.

With a joint-rolling gesture it was totally cool, but I didn’t have any cigarettes to share. It turns out that he could smoke a cigarette crumble as far as the surface of the trash can and the area of the concrete and inside the potted plants covered in soil.

I’ve been there, sort of.

As time passed, I saw others do the same. Ask for a cigarette and then looking all over the place with different approaches to discover the tobacco.

Back to my friend–he made an argumentative question which I had to reply to with “No, I’ve never been a home owner, I’m always just a renter.”

Amazing, right? I pushed the small talk to keep his chin up because it was sort of an effort for him to reach out.

When I talk to transients in the daytime at different times of the day, the part about making a phone call on my iPhone came up, so I gave him a deal.

“if you STAY HERE, I will let you. . .”
“Would you dial it for me. .”
“. . .use my phone.”
‘. . .I don’t think I could manage, to tell you the truth.”

This was a challenge, and I already opened the keypad. The number went on with such a strange sequence. When he started talking in the leave a message voice my thoughts were very provoked because the message was for his dad.

I was right.

My heart strings were plucked as the sickly addict left a message on his distant father’s answering machine.