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Look in the Mirror

Somedays we look in the mirror and we see ourselves together. . .

Do you know that feeling?

meitu technology meitu replacing soundtracks nerd-binge

Here is the show URL :: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzN4g57HigJ1P7wi2_PKg1Q I uploaded some clips relating to the show as well as the first and last episdoes of the first season.

Man’s receiving thirteen copyright dispute and has to replace the soundtrack. Chronologically replaced-soundtrack milestones for this n00b.


Weep with me as we become more mindful, strong and ever belligerent.

Who is there; anyone? Anyone? Who is there? Any one. . .

This is obviously my magic incantation I had forgotten eons ago.

The youtube upload ended up  editing a patch thru my soul to be more authentically engulfed in this short vanity commercial piece.

I’ve been super pent-up and so I am taking the moments necessary to not pass out or fall over or whatever.