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Managing a nation; campaign to make a splash in social media @MyTwitterManager

I am starting to express the fruition of MANLIKEMAN123 as an enterprise and it is such a pleasure. My goals are set for something bigger and bigger. I starting using MyTwitterManager tonight to see how they can manage and promote MANLIKEMAN123 so I can drive people to causes, call-to-action possibilities and general outreach in social media fueled platforms of my audience and creation of brand advocates.:

My priority is to start making brand advocates for MANLIKEMAN123 in support of my youtube, iTunes and Spotify releases, crowdfunding projects, interest in big data, Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones, independent directors and more research into dark social.

Here is what is on the plate for MANLIKEMAN123:

4/20 2015: iTunes and Spotify mini-album release DARKNESS FRIENDS 10 tracks, 30 minutes. Check your iTunes and Spotify for MANLIKEMAN123 1st mini-album DARKNESS FRIENDS (more to come as release date approaches)

Here is what is rotating in development and awaiting Pending funds:

1. Double page ad in ireadCulture.com magazine
2 DARKNESS FRIENDS fashion accessory #dogtag
3. USB accessory promotional item
4. Data Sciene course at General Assembly in Santa Monica (stipulation: required MacOS laptop possibly)

These are enough projects to take action producing. Priority is as listed after thoughtful dilebartion and mindfulness.

MyTwitterManager is a tool allowing management for MANLIKEMAN123 to be more useful and is the crucible for social media direct interactions.

Anyway, here is that further summation:

I have a developing fanbase in Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines. These are areas of the highest percentage of chronic, social-media-engaged adults interested in MANLIKEMAN123. Aware of MANLIKEMAN123s possibilities, the USA is now my consideration to hope to develop a fanbase with so I can support local businesses and continue support of other world entrepreneurs like thegroomedmanco of AUS, as well as Youtube celebrities I shoutout. I believe that accessing the fans of ireadculture.com magazine that they could become my brand advocate main market.

Considering which community to prioritize in sending outreach to domestically has been established. With research through MANLIKEMAN123’s big data analytics, I have narrowed my focus to the 420 medical marijuana, cannabis crowd.

Medical Marijuana ID cardholding patients, therapists and community should be my brand advocates. MANLIKEMAN123 is establishing relations with the industry contenders such as free publication CULTURE magazine.

MANLIKEMAN123 can buy adspace in CULTURE magazine future issue. Current issues are consumed nationally by a guaranteed minimum of 1 million people. Within this potential market, I can target and inspire new brand advocates.

This is a crucial step and will be a great accomplishment. I will know I am successfully using my social media influence by guiding this process of facilitating discussions with current, future and recently active youtube subscriptions, iTunes and Spotify royalty bringings as well as those engaged on Twitter and Instagram.

ireadCULTURE Kickstarter

Welcome, Backers and friends! I am launching a Kickstarter. The project will be live by Monday. This post should serve as an informative prelude. If you would like to annonymously or famously donate separately from Kickstarter, click through to paypal here.

Watch my brief hype bomb to see a representation of my campaign before it is published here.

Originally, I picked up a copy of CULTURE at my favorite pharmacy, Kelly’s of Pico and Robertson 在 Los Angeles. Find ireadculture.com and also watch me demonstrate the content of CULTURE.

MANLIKEMAN123 has the insight to tap into the imagination of CULTURE readers via physical CMYK print with intent to inspire brand advocates. I would like to publish full ads spreading the taste of my visual catalog to find and create MANLIKEMAN123 brand advocates to be a part of the canvassing street-team.

With intent to publish, MANLIKEMAN123 investigated the 2015 media kit to understand more about their adspace processing and guidelines. With the use of #crowdfunding the quoted price of a double-truck ad that will be published across our nation with 1,000,000+ CULTURE engaged audience.

Have you seen the picture MANLIKEMAN123 has been circulating through social media, the DARKNESS FRIENDS #dogtag? This is a pre-order item promoting MANLIKEMAN123 and the iTunes and Spotify worldwide DARKENSS FRIENDS album release on 4/20 2015.