Worldwide Referral of Director/Writer/Producer Gregg Golding of Collage Fossil Films

Director/Producer/Writer/Powerhouse Gregg Golding of Collage Fossil Films couldn’t have been that baby, found too perfectly unscathed in the thickets such as the story of Moses. He couldn’t have been formulated in those lawless-cults of private islands of The Gates’ Foundation as one of the endless stem-cell conveyor-belt-test-tube assembly-lines of DNA farming. . . surely too, not at all borne as one of those slick, bald, dripping with life-goo, screaming, purple-faced infants ripped into consciousness from one of those at-home turkey-baster DiY zygote-to-infant kits where life magic is flicked and fondled by the witchy-fingered homoeopath mid-wives. . .


More likely Golding’s story originated swimming down through the planet’s crust—Hell’s magma, streaming through infinite loops of bright torture, incredibly, unfairly interrupted and agonized by demons with pitch-forks and empty stomachs around each level of hell’s topography.


However, this is the time of miracles, too. Imagine the soul of Golding suddenly zooming through tight, clenching, brightly-hot canals, exploding–pressurized through the mouth of that bellowing blast–the scream of his life-giver; the mega-volcano, Vesuvius! Just as likely, the atmosphere-shattering Grimsvotn of Iceland or Sakurajima of Japan if not sent from the collections lazily assimilated by an astral body’s sparkling flare from the darkness above our (tele)scope, outside of our simple tools of observation. Couldn’t his origin-plasma and cell-formation swirled and micro-formed through the magic within the belts of planets nearby within the milky-way?


Unscathed and courageous, he surfaced on Earth as Director, Writer, Producer and proven leader Gregg Golding as he instantly began healing the world using his sweat, tears, and blood-signed scripts as the tools of his leadership through Indie Cinema with titles such as 2014’s COSPLAY FETISH BATTLE DRONES and 2017’s 001 TROLLING (available on Amazon Prime 24/7)


Through his years and heroic suffering, walking as a man in a disappearing land of Eden; no longer an oasis from heaven–when we gather to watch Golding’s visions, It’s our chance to devour the nourishment of his cinema mastery which gushing-gold fruits of his nourished canon of films that only persist and multiply for Golding’s ability to pave a way forward when opportunity and ease-of-life evaporate into a lecture, unheeded–no more than a movie-school’s myth bodied mostly now by soulless sock-monkeys paying tuition.


Yet, jealous others must still be there in the underworld writhing in the deep space below the steps we stand now–beware their unheard bloodlust for every landmark success Golding holds, his brothers–the caged and eternally damned Titans cry selfishly from his awesome success and of their dying-hope of devising failure for Gregg Golding–for he is a man crowned honorably! Golding is beyond the times of looming disasters and is our unstoppable hero sent to us to change the world by giving everyone the view of his universes that we can safely nestle our hopes and dreams for this uncapped world of Golding, assuredly with comfort. We are wide-eyed absorbing Golding’s fantastic lands, cinematically as we can follow hand-in-hand, dimensionally traversing experiences beyond our polluted, desolate, Earthen torment.




Look in the Mirror

Somedays we look in the mirror and we see ourselves together. . .

Do you know that feeling?

SIVA GROUP ENTERTAINMENT Interview to Allegations to Building the MLM Pyramid

Professional Practices of Siva Group: Answering the Employment Ad.

For several years I have been following (I refer to it as stalking, lovingly) the rise of Steve Hyun–an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. His company is called Siva Group and the mission of the company is to emulate the success of Korea’s YG Entertainment in the KPOP industry here in the states. Hyun frequently posts about open positions available in multiple locations around the USA (Los Angeles, Austin and New York) and I had responded to his ads requesting more information.

Hyun instructed me to use his business license to buy a ticket to an international business convention to be educated about his business to be qualified to hold the position he had made available. I blindly purchased the ticket. This was my way to have a weekend interview with this gentleman and finally discover how to be a part of Siva Group. He invited me to share hotel accommodations and some information was given with the Ritz Carlton’s address in North Carolina. The event was called ACN Charlotte 2017 and again, this is where he said I would receive the training required to be a part of his company.

I could not find any information about ACN and the information I did find was about a consulting firm called ACCENTURE, so I was sure I had some base knowledge. I was invited to several private facebook groups related to the event and to SIVA Group, so I started feeling very important and worthy. I friended the other people from his company and introduced myself to them. I didn’t receive any more information. I pestered them a little by requesting ANY available information about anything at all from the inner circle of his company and I was always simply told that Hyun would tell me something eventually–promise.

I work from home as a consultant to Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan’s Fortune 500 CEO’s so I was really pleased to have a reason to go on a work related vacation and leave the computer and headset behind. Everything felt really mysterious for this ACN conference. I love to study behaviour of all kinds of addicts and I was sure that this group was going to fly their freak flag high.

A few days before the event Steve released a notice informing everyone that we had to have a black suit with a gold tie, a blue business suit and another set of clothes for the third day of the event. I didn’t purchase new suits but I did conform to purchasing about $400 worth of business formal wear so I wouldn’t feel out of place.

When I arrived at the airport in Charlotte there was a message saying to meet at the Westin instead of the Ritz. That seemed fine, but then I received another group chat telling me that I was actually staying at another hotel far off from the meeting area. I had specifically asked a month and again weeks in advance before the event if I should actually order a hotel room and not share his accommodations but I was repeatedly assured that I needed to share with his other business partners so I could benefit more from interacting with them.

I met Hyun that night and he gave me a quick speech about how excited he was that I had made the decision to join. I hadn’t made any decision–I was literally just blindly following Hyun hoping for a full-time position with the benefits he described from the ads he posted of which I had replied and flown there for, specifically.

I ordered a Lyft from the meeting place to the 1.5 star airport hotel with two of his partners. A bit about these lovely people is necessary in order to paint the situation fairly. Let’s back up to after the landing.

When I landed and after receiving the chats about this and that, I Lyft’ed over to the pizza place to meet these two partners. When I entered the restaurant the two cohorts turned their heads in the opposite direction and it was clear that they were whispering to each other. They were both larger than me and about ten years younger than me. I awkwardly forced them to say hello to me and the level of shyness was very crippling for them.

I was surprised at their clothing because they both were essentially dressed in ragged t-shirts and jeans for the business event but later I would be shocked even more from their lack of professional attire as well as lack of professionalism.

The one with puke-green hair was hiding large breasts by layers of knits and wovens and all sorts of thinner windbreakers. When the other one, Luna was referring to Skyler the pronoun HE was thrown into the mix of Skyler’s identity, so I respected that without question because that’s an easy way for me to show my respect.

I stayed with Sky and Luna for the entire weekend and my first impression was very much a smack-in-the-face because Hyun literally shipped me away with these two low-level partners away from everyone else and without a way to really network in my freetime. I shared with them my toothpaste and toiletries because these little lambs had forgotten and had the idea that a bar of soap would not be allowed on the airplane. (wow!) They are currently his street team and although they do not make a profit from working with Hyun, they are very eager to defend him and that is very noble because I found out later that they each had to pay a five-hundred dollar initiation fee on top of buying the hotel and their own tickets for this event.

I need to explain Skyler more because his convoluted gender expression clearly parallels Siva Group’s confusing misdirection. Skyler introduced many of his health problems to me. He has a very stiff body, he is overweight, he has an allergy to the sun as well as severe depression, he had a huge skin infection on his leg and decided against taking the prescribed antibiotics for that and he claimed to be intersex. I congratulated him for being able to overcome such adversity. I figured intersex meant that he had both a vagina and a penis or maybe he had a penis and breasts. . .but if that were the case there are men with breasts and doctors call that Gynecomastia. A person with a vagina and breasts is a woman. Another person prodded into his identity and it turned out that Skyler has a vagina and breasts but felt that he was a man–but not transgender by his own theories. He was physically a woman and attracted to men very openly. Is that not the same as a heterosexual woman? I really wish that I didn’t have to think about a potential colleague’s health of sexual preference but there we were, talking about it for most of the time.

Intersex is a term that he used to enter either the male or female bathroom. Skyler’s greatest achievement was a photo he showed me on his cellphone where he impersonated Kpop star GDragon with an anti-smog medical face-mask and baggy tops to hide his overweight and big-breasted figure and convince other people he was this other person. It was interesting to listen to him and continue to allow him to speak about being something he isn’t and will never be. I have no right to disqualify anyone of their perceived identity and life experience but there has to be some kind of study about special snowflakes amongst us whom are not male or female or trans-species and should be taken seriously about their self-diagnosed conditions as the main feature of what they can bring to a company like SIVA Group professionally.

My favorite part of this weekend of training was all the gossip about SIVA Group from Hyun’s right-hand-man Skyler (self-acclaimed). Apparently, Hyun hides from the non-Korean partners of his company by having Korean-only private hotel room drug binges with his select group of well-groomed men he calls the SIVA BOYS. I will show you a group of these men so you can see for yourself (and judge for yourself) that these men form an exclusive prostitution ring. The photo is within the public domain, so I have no fear of showing you.

I had a chance to speak to most of them (the adorable shorter ones) and none of them were employed according to the mini-interviews I gave them at separate occasions. I asked them why they didn’t conform to the business attire Hyun required for the weekend and their general answers were that they didn’t take Hyun seriously and that they didn’t have any money.

The tall one is named Moon. I had introduced myself to him on facebook by sending a friend request and sending a congrats to his achievement–whatever that was because I wanted to be very gracious and make a new friend. When I approached this gentleman irl at this event, he turned his back to me–and this was more than once. He really enjoyed speaking to these shorter women that were new to the company and they were all giggling like gremlins around everything he said. I had the feeling that they were going to be spinning on his dick in their hotel room later. . .but that must not be easy with a micropenis (another allegation spread at the conference) about Hyun and his entourage.

I had paid a great handful of money to have the opportunity to speak with Hyun and any and all of his partners and what I received was a back turning to me and being completely ignored as he and his selected boys were entertained by these tiny women showing off whatever they had to show off (wonderbras and long legs).

I started to hear even more drama and Skyler pointed out to me the Siva Snakes. Apparently there are many cliques in his company and they are really into spreading hate throughout the group. The leader of the snakes is named Cristal (no, that is not her real name). She must also be from very low-economics because her hair was a disaster with silver dye and bleached patches and really no upkeep. In my mind I named her the Silver Snake because she did something really terrible to 2NE1’s leader, CL. I approached Cristal with a handshake ready and she actually LOOKED THE OTHER WAY past my head and pretended to not understand me even though I had a nice chat with her in English before the event. What?! Let’s talk about what Cristal did to YG’s great superstar, CL.

SIVA GROUP in 2016 imported CL and toured her around the USA in the HELLOBI+CHES tour. Apparently Cristal had a high position to be in charge of CL’s arrangements. Cristal used her position to take and release publicly a snapchat of CL’s dressing room which disrupted CL’s security while in the USA on this USA debut tour. Forget about protecting the talent and the integrity of the YG+Siva Group collaboration because Cristal wanted to snapchat the SUPERSTAR’s behind the scenes location and the complete reveal of the private dressing room. I remember Skyler mentioned that if YG ever knew about this it would be over for SIVA Group.

There are already other articles out there about SIVA’s lack of professionalism and failure to give patrons what they were sold, so just check out google if you are interested in that. I know that the DEAN concert was also a huge disaster.

At the three day event, Hyun never really spoke to me. He talked AT me with a group of new recruits telling us to pay the $500 initiation fee and a promise to be our mentor and a promise to be spoken with privately. Steve Hyun didn’t follow through.

The real reason he brought me to ACN was to be a seat filler at this convention. The so-called training was watching people be promoted on-stage with smoke and lights with each of them telling us a sad story about how desperate they were before they started to help build the pyramid of ACN.

There was no business to be done there and I was completely caught up in Steve Hyun’s fraud. What can I do but learn from this and tell others?

So much more happened and I’ll follow-up if there is interest.


Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?


Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?



Isn’t now a great moment to see the shameful effects of allowing and investing attention toward what has been an endless emotional warfare throughout the threads of society? We have been forced to spend so much time absolutely on magnifying the complexities of how too many things seem to be unbearable within our borders and that one person with a problem can brainwash a larger number of people to assimilate and force attention to their issues which results in having to ignore the once thriving technological achievement-based solution to the impossible world peace plea?

This new century is a barbaric era of international crimes against humanity and so many violations of international human rights aren’t even on the minds of most USA people. The nation is instead battling each other and wasting resources that needed to be siphoned to those deserving people to help us rise together from strengthening the weak.

Could anything else be more important when someone in the mass discontent yells so loudly about something that we must pacify them? Well, our caring nation has thusly had to do so much damage control that we have ceased developing technology and commerce on both coastal tech genius hubs.

Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?

Our nation had a way at one point to be the leader even if mostly in vain and conceptualized blind promises ahead. We had integrity to generate trust in our future of using tech to generate more justice in the streets where the worse things imaginable happen.

People with the passion to share their rage about some unsolved compromises are greater at success when tech accessibility eases the faults that bubble up from low economy.

Swindled by the distraction of the lower economy attacking and trying to find a way to penalize the benefits of higher economy–we are now at the end of claiming superpower status. Our reputation is just sort of an unfortunate cessation of tech development everyone once believed we could push through to lead the world peace industry. 2016 definitely seems impossibly and regrettably behind.

The contagious rage of loud voices amplifies the lack of general knowledge such as the fact that actually everyone suffers. The issues holding us in limbo of being such an inclusive melting pot is from the ingredients refusing to find harmony because we don’t actually want to congeal with each other because pride needs to separate how each person is unique and that if we really melted together we would cool down into a solid glob and that’s not actually what we want. The incapacity to present an admirable leader to clarify possible ways to bring about national peace probably won’t even happen before a bigger problem takes its place.

Apparently for the oppressed to show strength of coming together to find a reasonable and clear proposal of how they may need an intervening force unavailable within the communities to soothe them or use national rights and free law isn’t on the menu somehow. Yes it is true that violence and negativity seems to instigate change faster but then it’s really not the best way to go forward and people are still crying. We should be using these pleas of the discontent to decipher what is needed as an intervening force to be the great game changing pacifier to suckle. Someone will always have a reason to cry and not many people look inward or even at available platforms and process follow-through to find a way to the world shakes their head as we gave that had been stolen to force leaders to attend to magnifying the common problems here in the melting pot that still hasn’t congealed. with all ingredients incapable of harmonizing here we the USA on both coastal hubs of research and development suffer the consequences now of being very out of touch where we may have at one point been a leader in tech capable of competing with other world powers and we have to be at least four years behind in technological development. Life changing capabilities to expedite same day online to offline commerce is so radically unavailable. Development needs to happen here because national suffering and discomfort is still escalating. Tech is radically effective at solving problems of those unable to thrive previously. It’s a shame that we took the bait of trying to appease social injustice when there isn’t actually a way form the utopia that is in demand. The USA is very notorious for loudly and oppressively amplifying voices among us that do not offer strength of actual leadership. It would be so great to pacify the rage coming from the effects of a persistent and really terrible economy. How can we advocate for the importance of tech developers to be allowed to test the marketplace for the forthcoming tech revolution that is already spent time withering because everyone is still freaking out about drones. There are so many other terrifying tech things that the common person doesn’t know directs change seamlessly and we are stuck in our out of control social anxiety