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Flashcards for Successful Motivation: Media Production

Efficiency with media publishing and content creation is the most important area of production for all of us! Adding a sense of order will boost your confidence and will allow your employer to be less stressed-out.

Flashcards for success

Download these free flash-cards, cut them out and paste them on your drawing board at the office and start letting your projects in development live in the categories.

Believe me, it helps to actually take your ideas from cyberspace into reality!

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Idea Cultivation and Development Tips

When I get an idea:

  1. Don’t share it immediately; you need time and space to incubate your new baby! Develop this idea and expand it!
  2. Expanding can be done by staying in the zone of inspiration.
  3. Teach yourself how to do that something–that idea!
  4.  Decide whether or not to keep a log of it.
    •      The pace of your project depends on its settings.
    •           Is it being monitored? The project/ Daily journal/log
    •       Are you actually doing it or just thinking about doing what you want to do?
  5.     Become the expert, be able to answer any and all questions and talking secrets . . . tbc


Mega Episode is Awesome! You say so!

The mega-episode is making a splash in the MANLIKEUNIVERSE, I just checked!

#DARKNESSFRIENDS in the Public Eye!

4.20 2015
#DARKNESSFRIENDS is now on every music streaming (free or paid content) APP we can reach on any mobile OS. Listen to the mellow treatment of #illicitingthought. The songs have a basic formal that includes #vamping #autotune treatments, digital orchestration and #dope beats. These #infographics will instantly bring awareness to the impact of #DARKNESSFRIENDS on its release. Click through this link to listen for free @Spotify

Here is an impression/song review of DONE as chatted to me by a fan in Singapore. The words were so special–what he said–that I had to make them beautiful in my #DARKNESSFRIENDS aesthetic. Here!


2015-04-20 14.15.57

2015-04-20 14.19.42

2015-04-20 15.54.13

2015-04-20 15.55.40

2015-04-20 15.56.33

2015-04-20 19.01.58

2015-04-20 19.33.37

2015-04-20 20.31.50

2015-04-20 20.53.05

2015-04-20 22.16.03

2015-04-20 23.06.53

2015-04-20 23.52.35
Snap 2015-04-21 at 17.48.54

Snap 2015-04-21 at 17.50.47

Snap 2015-04-21 at 17.51.10

Snap 2015-04-21 at 17.52.36