Idea Cultivation and Development Tips

When I get an idea:

  1. Don’t share it immediately; you need time and space to incubate your new baby! Develop this idea and expand it!
  2. Expanding can be done by staying in the zone of inspiration.
  3. Teach yourself how to do that something–that idea!
  4.  Decide whether or not to keep a log of it.
    •      The pace of your project depends on its settings.
    •           Is it being monitored? The project/ Daily journal/log
    •       Are you actually doing it or just thinking about doing what you want to do?
  5.     Become the expert, be able to answer any and all questions and talking secrets . . . tbc


New Week of Inspiration; Tap into this Inspiration Network

Let’s begin the week by allowing some new inspiration to flow through my network to you! All you have to do is put your thumbs together at your heart in a seated position with a screen in front of you.

Now watch the video!

Tell me what you want to do this week to have some successful triumph(s)!!

I’m thinking of Pistachio Pie Dessert, Banana Chocolate Smoothie maybe with espresso and P (adventure time!) as well as my own #bearded ambitions!

Etre Belle + Foreo Luna for Men is ROCKING my now totally hydrated and nourished face!!!