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Listen to me:

Don’t pay for migration services for your website when you can have the service completed for FREE with a fourteen day period to consider a subscription to the Flywheel App services.

When it’s FINALLY clicked in your brain to migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org then all you need to do is start the process here: https://getflywheel.com/

It took less than thirty-six hours for MANLIKEMAN123.com to finally be FREE of the restrictions from wordpress.com and the results were completely mind-blowning. BOOM! Success!!

You will face several emotions after your successful migration and then there will be a series of crucial authority actions needed to implement to reign in a new dynasty on your site.

You will need to follow a set of simple directions to point the url Flywheel uses to migrate your site (pre-launch) and that’s another free service from a separate company, but you will see there are also pay-for services if you would rather have some other options that are bundled with the other companies.

Once that is done and if you haven’t already, you better get your SSL certificate from Flywheel. Yet again, it’s a simple process and in 2017 and through the foreseeable future SSL is required by WP 100%.

Time to monetize! Place your ads with the adsense plugin on your url + /WP-Admin

If you can’t sign on to your WP admin dashboard, then what you need to do is select “change password” there on the login. It’ll change it to something ridiculous, so write it down. Now you can access the goodies that you have been barred from on wordpress.com


I can update this with more info when some comments roll-in.


Love you all!