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If you don’t know how to understand her beats and personal brand trademark dancing and perfect vocals. A hero for the #forsaken #indie

To clarify, I offer to you @spotify listen to #Goldenheart. This track will convince you that Dawn Richard is a hero among us in #indie #pop entertainment.

It’s evident that all members of Dk3 are #witches, but I love their power, personalities and #tenacity. Along with the paranormal, Dawn Richard is actually the knight in shining armor crossing an explosive martian terrain. Follow through this link to see her TIDE: THE PARADOX EFFECT

A part of listening to her music includes #bingewatching her interviews. She is so elegant and unique. Her tact with answering tough and super personal interview drills on the red-carpet conveys her truth and mental fortitude–something her DK3 exes are familiar with too.

The comments made on youtube videos and other articles #dawnrichard are made by real people and their expertise is firmly social, not professional. She is gracefully tenacious and impeccable. She has always been a role model with the continuation of her solo career.

BLACKHEART, GOLDENHEART; the worlds she paints with her vocabulary are real and motivational. I can tell she is nurturing her listeners and ushering us to do our best with therapeutic hypnosis.

A part of her past is being a professional cheerleader–this is why she is an excellent and perfect popstar. When I listen to her music I can feel the drumline influence and translation, but you can decide for yourself after her #discographybinge @Spotify.

Each album is self-contained, so listening to them independently and together prove to be super enjoyable. Whose full albums can say the same? I am a huge critic of even my favorite celebrity icons music by typically omitting at least a few of their tracks from each album, but I cannot do the same with Dawn Richard.

The honesty in her worlds splashes radiant inspirational visuals #beyond #admiration. If you need an example of a #masterpiece of her previous work, find #Goldenheart which is the last track of her #2013 release @Spotify.

The visual landscape are sources of power and self-fueled inspiration also.

I’m convinced. . .