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individualityI’m sitting here with you as we evaluate what life has been all about. So what’s it been like for you? Many people may still be searching for a unique gift within themselves–are you?

Regardless if you are or not, I’m still here with you. Let’s say that you are feeling kind of blue and you want to recall the zest of daily life. We may not be able to feel the same as we did in our memories where youthful days were full of bouncing on trampolines in the sunshine and spying on our best-friends sister or brother, but we can still find some kind of other feeling now that we have some time together to think.

So what makes you special? In the sea of people around you–don’t get lost there with those colleagues. Whether you remember it or not–whether you know it or don’t–you are the most special person there has ever been and ever will be.