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English: scheme of resonating valence bonds on...

English: scheme of resonating valence bonds on a triangular lattice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not everything is shiny and new in the MANLIKEUNIVERSE. From time to time, I do have to show my strength and resilience in situations I have never imagined since opening the MANLIKEUNIVERSE and demonstrating MANLIKEMAN123 as a social media celebrity. Whew, there; if you haven’t any clue about me, then now you can say that you understand a little. A little is better than nothing. And there’s nothing like nothings.


There are particular times I throw special talks called #tempertantrums. I #hate doing those.

It’s because I have so much #love for not only myself and loved friends and family, close acquaintances and their partners and children–but also to you, my #darknessfriends here on #darksocial assuredly.