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A few ideas to consider:

This is an ever-evolving list I can provide you with as an honest rule-of-thumb in your daily self-care routine. These are concepts I practice weekly, monthly, daily, hourly and honestly.  If you follow my facebook feed, you can see the inspiration I share with my close friends and #webfamily.

  • Know your favorite color along with your favorite #popstar #icon
  • Be ready to divulge information to new friends with tact and ease–never forcefully.
  • Make coffee on a routine to fill your house with the smell of fresh coffee. Make your coffee well–remember to add 2 tablespoons to every 1 cup.
  • Understand your market.
  • Use your #cutiemoonrod to #defend love and #justice #inthenameofthemoon just like #sailormoon。
  • Do everything you can to foster a community that spreads knowledge to the people in a reciprocal fashion
  • Create #BrandAdvocates
  • #bingewatch #marathon @adventuretime
  • Use a rice cooker to make rice and steam your lunch and dinner. You must counterbalance or stop eating fried food. In fact, the only fried food you should be eating: two fried eggs when you need protein as well as a huge tempura appetizer when you are out with friends on occasion. Generally also any #korean grilled meats is a great exception for allowing oil ingestion (rather than eating bacon or sausage) as long as you cut it with a 红茶 red or black tea.
  • Use Grammarly regularly and reflect on your grammar understanding.
  • Always carry a tissue pack with you. @tempo has the most comfortable, usable and reliable scented tissues.
  • Use zippered pouches to organize your purse or backpack 包包。
  • If you feel frustrated, find the issue you are find with your fixation and treat the issue.
  • Don’t use facebook like a news broadcast system–it’s very annoying to everyone except you.
  • Wash your household’s clothing regularly. Something should always be drying and washings should be equally regular.
  • Practice empathy
  • Make the effort to say a prayer at night about yourself and your world before you start sleeping.
  • Write poetry. A great way to practice and develop your writing is to write poetically. I am a @ku app user. Find me there and like/share my haiku’s and interact with me on the Ku app available cross-platforms.
  • With your mind now open, accept the challenge to analyze each commercial when watching @huluplus and even #promotions @youtube
  • Not everything can go @kickstarter; sometimes self-made celebrities need to make an income personally with the useful help of an #incubator for at least 8 months and time has passed through #brand #development #rapidly due to #personalfulfillment
  • identify with your #soul and build your #strengthtraining #bodybuiding #samurai #manbunstyle is necessary.
  • Accept what other people say to you but disregard the #unholy comments
  • never discriminate for any reason.
  • Never drink #barefoot wine