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Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?


Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?



Isn’t now a great moment to see the shameful effects of allowing and investing attention toward what has been an endless emotional warfare throughout the threads of society? We have been forced to spend so much time absolutely on magnifying the complexities of how too many things seem to be unbearable within our borders and that one person with a problem can brainwash a larger number of people to assimilate and force attention to their issues which results in having to ignore the once thriving technological achievement-based solution to the impossible world peace plea?

This new century is a barbaric era of international crimes against humanity and so many violations of international human rights aren’t even on the minds of most USA people. The nation is instead battling each other and wasting resources that needed to be siphoned to those deserving people to help us rise together from strengthening the weak.

Could anything else be more important when someone in the mass discontent yells so loudly about something that we must pacify them? Well, our caring nation has thusly had to do so much damage control that we have ceased developing technology and commerce on both coastal tech genius hubs.

Wasn’t the key to unlock world peace within the resulting changes of higher technology?

Our nation had a way at one point to be the leader even if mostly in vain and conceptualized blind promises ahead. We had integrity to generate trust in our future of using tech to generate more justice in the streets where the worse things imaginable happen.

People with the passion to share their rage about some unsolved compromises are greater at success when tech accessibility eases the faults that bubble up from low economy.

Swindled by the distraction of the lower economy attacking and trying to find a way to penalize the benefits of higher economy–we are now at the end of claiming superpower status. Our reputation is just sort of an unfortunate cessation of tech development everyone once believed we could push through to lead the world peace industry. 2016 definitely seems impossibly and regrettably behind.

The contagious rage of loud voices amplifies the lack of general knowledge such as the fact that actually everyone suffers. The issues holding us in limbo of being such an inclusive melting pot is from the ingredients refusing to find harmony because we don’t actually want to congeal with each other because pride needs to separate how each person is unique and that if we really melted together we would cool down into a solid glob and that’s not actually what we want. The incapacity to present an admirable leader to clarify possible ways to bring about national peace probably won’t even happen before a bigger problem takes its place.

Apparently for the oppressed to show strength of coming together to find a reasonable and clear proposal of how they may need an intervening force unavailable within the communities to soothe them or use national rights and free law isn’t on the menu somehow. Yes it is true that violence and negativity seems to instigate change faster but then it’s really not the best way to go forward and people are still crying. We should be using these pleas of the discontent to decipher what is needed as an intervening force to be the great game changing pacifier to suckle. Someone will always have a reason to cry and not many people look inward or even at available platforms and process follow-through to find a way to the world shakes their head as we gave that had been stolen to force leaders to attend to magnifying the common problems here in the melting pot that still hasn’t congealed. with all ingredients incapable of harmonizing here we the USA on both coastal hubs of research and development suffer the consequences now of being very out of touch where we may have at one point been a leader in tech capable of competing with other world powers and we have to be at least four years behind in technological development. Life changing capabilities to expedite same day online to offline commerce is so radically unavailable. Development needs to happen here because national suffering and discomfort is still escalating. Tech is radically effective at solving problems of those unable to thrive previously. It’s a shame that we took the bait of trying to appease social injustice when there isn’t actually a way form the utopia that is in demand. The USA is very notorious for loudly and oppressively amplifying voices among us that do not offer strength of actual leadership. It would be so great to pacify the rage coming from the effects of a persistent and really terrible economy. How can we advocate for the importance of tech developers to be allowed to test the marketplace for the forthcoming tech revolution that is already spent time withering because everyone is still freaking out about drones. There are so many other terrifying tech things that the common person doesn’t know directs change seamlessly and we are stuck in our out of control social anxiety

Guest Post: Easy Homemade Pesto Pasta

Hi, everyone.  Manlikeman123 asked me to write a guest post on a cheap and quick meal that won’t sacrifice on quality and time.  It just so happens that he asked me on the day when I made my own basil pesto for the first time ever.

Since it’s summer, basil should be growing almost everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, so this makes homemade pesto even easier.  I had been growing my own sweet basil plant on my apartment balcony for a few months (from seed: $1.30ish for a pack of sweet basil seeds at Wal-mart), but I also am seeing it at local farmer’s markets for around $1.50-$2.00 for a big bunch of it.  I also needed to trim the two other basil plants on my balcony, so it was a mix of sweet basil, purple basil (more fragrant than sweet basil) and cinnamon basil (spicier than sweet basil).

Here are the basic ingredients of any pesto (amount of ingredients to your taste):

-Around 1.5 to 2 cups of basil leaves (whichever kind you prefer, but sweet basil is most common)

-1/4 cup to 3/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese (not the kind from a shaker bottle!)

-1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of your favorite nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews…peanuts would be too strong, though!)

-1/3 cup to 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (yes, it has to be extra virgin because the oil adds flavor, too!

-1 to 3 cloves of fresh garlic

-salt and pepper


I know parmesan cheese can get expensive, but here’s some tips for those on a budget:

  • I make do most of the time with the cheap American brands you can find in any American supermarket (DiGiorno or whatever).  It won’t suddenly NOT taste delicious just because it didn’t come from Italy!
  • You can buy already grated, but it’s actually a better value and the flavor is much better if you buy a block of it.  You don’t even need to grate it, really.  Just let the food chopper/processor do the work.  1/3 cup grated parm is a chunk of parm approximately 2-inches x 3-inches.
  • I’m not going to lie: authentic parmeggiano reggiano does taste so much better (richer and nuttier) than the cheaper, non-authentic stuff.  If you insist on getting the good stuff, you might get lucky and find smaller (read: cheaper!) chunks in Whole Foods’ remnants basket (or if you’re lucky enough to have a cheese shop near you, ask them for remnants) in their cheese section.  Every Whole Foods has one (trust me, I check!), and I always see parm reg chunks in there.
  • It’s also worth asking the people behind the cheese counter if they will custom cut a small chunk of cheese for you.  Yes, even at Whole Foods.  They might even grate the exact amount you need for you.

Nuts can also be expensive, and I’m one of those people who doesn’t buy nuts of any kind very often.  To keep it cheap, I just kept the small packet of almonds that came in my lunch veggie pack.  I had already bought the cheap veggie packs for cheap, so this luckily didn’t cost me extra money.  Two of the small bags came out to be around 1/3 of almonds.  Perfect!  If you don’t have this serendipity, try to find somewhere that sells nuts by weight and buy just enough for the recipe.  Or look for those small snack packs of nuts at drugstores/convenience stores/wherever.  Or hell, you can even pick them out of trail mix or whatever.  Do whatever you have to do short of stealing.  I won’t judge (well, I will if you steal)!

Once you have all the ingredients, get a food chopper/processor/blender and chop up the nuts, garlic and cheese first.  Add the basil and and the EVOO, and just process/blend until smooth.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  It’s that easy.  Keep in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for months.  Trust me, it’ll taste better than the jarred stuff from the store, and will probably cost less.


To make a simple pasta dish with the delicious pesto you just made:

  • Boil up one box of your pasta of choice (spaghetti, linguine, penne and rigatoni work best for the sauce to stick to the pasta).  Save at least a cup of the pasta water when you’re draining the cooked pasta.  The pasta water has lots of starch that will help create a creamy sauce with the pesto.
  • Once drained, put pasta back into the pot (off the heat, please!  No need for the stove to be on anymore, anyway!) and add a generous amount of the pesto.  At least a 1/2 cup, and you can add more if you really want a strong flavor.  Mix thoroughly, then add 1/3 cup of the saved pasta water and continue mixing until the pasta is evenly and thoroughly coated with the pesto.
  • If you want to make a heartier meal, add in some frozen veggies and your protein of choice.  I always have frozen peas and carrots in my freezer, so I just dumped a whole bag into the still-warm pasta.
  • Any protein will go well with the pesto.  To prove just how cheap you can keep this dish while still keeping it satisfying, I made mine with a jar of albacore tuna (drained well) that I bought on sale and happened to have in my cupboard.  You can keep it veggie-friendly by adding the vegetarian meat substitutes out there.  Or fried tofu.  Or seitan.  For the carnivores, add any cooked ground meat.  Or chopped sausage (even vienna sausages!).  Or leftover rotisserie chicken bits.

Pasta dishes like this are always a great way to use up food that’s been sitting in your pantry or freezer for longer than you’d like.  Or if you have leftovers that aren’t enough for another full meal on its own.  Or if you pass that clearance section at the supermarket meat aisle, but don’t have an idea how to use it.

Anyway, I hope this post inspired some of you on a tight budget (like me!) to get creative and eat well while not breaking the bank.  And since its summer, this basic recipe won’t leave you slaving over a hot stove all day!

New Week of Inspiration; Tap into this Inspiration Network

Let’s begin the week by allowing some new inspiration to flow through my network to you! All you have to do is put your thumbs together at your heart in a seated position with a screen in front of you.

Now watch the video!

Tell me what you want to do this week to have some successful triumph(s)!!

I’m thinking of Pistachio Pie Dessert, Banana Chocolate Smoothie maybe with espresso and P (adventure time!) as well as my own #bearded ambitions!

Etre Belle + Foreo Luna for Men is ROCKING my now totally hydrated and nourished face!!!