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Recently, I have been getting acquainted with what the steps are to becoming a social cast-off or what people could easily relate to as a social dark-hole. A place where everything in it ends totally morphed and renewed into some sort of mutative-adaptive replication.

I was originally planning to write some sort of social experimentation; I collect and gather amazing information about being out in public logically sorting the separate occasions which showcase current times in our world.

My ears have been flooded with Cait. I love her. She is United States of America #liberty hero! Each day for two days, new information has been broadcast. Everything about Cait is extremely #uplifting and #inspiring.

We need a new hero. Here to stay, I love you Cait!

On anther note;
I re-educated myself about currently outdated technology. If you search TopTenz videos, you can find the same one I saw. It turns out that some companies or enthusiasts still use dot-matrix printers and many local transit systems (if not all) perpetuate the use magnetic strips on the back of #commuter passes.

It’s already June 2015. The high school seniors are finally free to pursue their drivers license test and sobriety among peers occasions.

As a member of the 2005 class, I want to spread my influential spread to usher in the new #millennials.